Dental Milling Machine

  • . 12-fold disc changer
  • . 48-hour automatic milling
  • . Multi-task intelligent management


Our zirconia milling machine AMD-500DC has various advantages to help you finish your dental tasks easier. As a reliable supplier, we provide good quality zirconia milling machine with good functions.

Build volume

144 x 81 x 160mm

Print speed

up to 50mm/h


AIDITE AMD-500DC dry machine is equipped with five-axis, mainly
used for CAD/CAM digital milling of zirconia, resin and other dental
materials. It's quite stable and equipped with a fully automatic 12-fold disc changer. The fully automatic 12-fold disc changer offers the possibility to process all common mate-rials of the dental industry, an automated production is therefore feasible, raising the CAD/CAM processing of denture restoration materials to a new level.

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