3D Metal Printer for Precision Components

The CREATOR 3D metal printer directly
builds metal parts and
components with highly complex geometries, eliminating the
requirement for mold tools.
Internally, the build chamber features a unique coating operation
with the powdered materials, which enables accelerated build
speeds. The 250 W fiber laser provides excellent beam quality and
performance stability. This ensures consistent process conditions
and thus finished parts with superior resolution, high component
density, and excellent surface quality.
The handling and processing of the printing data is realized directly
via the CAD file thanks to the 3D printing module integrated into the
APP SUITE CAM operating software


• Portable controller provides the most intuitive graphical user interface running on a tablet

• Powder reservoir can contain almost double the powder quantity

• Maximum productivity by a unique circular coater design

• Simple and precise positioning of the building platform due to the zero-point clamping system

• Integrated filter system cleans the oxygen-free atmosphere within the construction chamber

• 250 W laser power source provided with built-in tuning

CREATOR Datasheet




Crator 3D Metal Printer for Precision Components (PDF Download)