3D/3D pro Zir

Bionic / High Strength / Layerless Natural Transition

3D Zir

3D Zir is full contour zirconia and digital material. It is faster and better with a higher economy. This full contour zirconia material has the best natural esthetic. It contains a translucency gradient, color gradient, and strength gradient. 3D Zir has the proper strength for occlusion to reduce wear opposing dentine.

3D pro Zir

  • Intuitive user interface.

  • 3D pro zir with full contour material has the natural gradient of color, translucency, and strength in a real sense. The full contour material 3D Pro Zir achieves another revolution of dental material.


    3D Pro Zir with full contour zirconia is developed by Aidite Technology and Peking University School of Stomatology. The full contour zirconia material is closer to natural teeth than other materials from the view of aesthetics. Also, its abrasion makes it become a dental material with biomimetic properties.

    High Strength

    The cervical strength of 3D Pro Zir is up to 1050MPa, which is a great improvement. Long span bridges are stable, and it fully meets laboratories' strength requirements for a broad range of indications.

    Layerless Natural Transition

    The color transition of 3D Pro Zir with full contour zirconia is similar to natural teeth from cervical to incisal. 3D Pro Zir has a smooth color gradient without visible layers.

    Fast Delivery

    3D Pro Zir is the leading digital solution in the field of Zirconia materials. The full contour zirconia with excellent characteristics is combined with the 3D Pro Zir Rapid Aesthetic Solution, which will help laboratories finalize and deliver Zirconia restorations within 24 hours.


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